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non-typological architecture

Plaza de Manuel Taño Fernández, El Paso, SC Tenerife, 2022, ONTAc

Plaza de Manuel Taño Fernández

The 300 square metre square Plaza in the municipality of El Paso will use volcanic materials spewed from the recent eruption of Tajogaite Volcano. The plaza-type is superimposed with a Dolmen-type, occupying its surrounding grounds and subtly sloping roof. The Dolmen's interior is accessed via a staircase that descends into an under-plaza event and everyday use space for the municipality and local residents where basic services and utilities for cooking and cleaning are provided. The dolmen plaza is wrapped entirely by a 200cm tall wall with a ledge bench. There is no gate or door. It is accessed via steps that ascend the exterior of the wall and descend into the interior. 

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