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non-typological architecture

View of the Distributing Reservoir on Murray's Hill, City of New York. ​Currier, Nathaniel, 1842

We are grateful to have had illuminating conversations about PhD thesis in development over the past year with Aristide Antonas, Maria Sheherazade Giudici, María Páez González, Hamed Khosravi and Riccardo M. Villa. I lead the programme under the direction of our chair Wilfried Kuehn, and teach in collaboration with Gili Merin. Below are the abstracts of the current theses recently presented to Aristide and Ricardo by researchers Artem Kitaev (dir. studies Tina Gregoric), Eldar Hajdarevic, Julia Nuler (second adviser Elke Krasny), Adam Sherman (dir. studies Pier Paolo Tamburelli), and Elisabeth Zeininger.

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